Carol's Inspirations

How custom can these get?
With our laser-engraving technology, we have the power to take any words you want and put it on wood. From a favorite quote to even copying your exact handwriting, the possibilities are endless.
What if I don’t see the size I want or I want to buy in bulk?
Send us a message! If you'd like a custom size, have an idea for a fun engraving project, or need design help, we'd love to collaborate with you!
I saw a plaque in the gallery that I would like. Is there an option to buy that exact one?
Yes! All of our photographed plaques are our pre-made examples that are available for sale in is designated category.
Can I submit any picture that I want to be engraved?
We have the power to put anything onto wood! A couple of ways to ensure you get the best quality is to submit a black and white PDF of the desired picture.
Can I think about my order and go back to it?
Of course! Once you make an account, you have the ability to start designing a plaque and then save it so you can finish later.
What can I expect after I place my order?
We work hard so that each plaque we make is of the best quality! If your plaque comes to you and it is anything less than perfect, please voice your concern to us and receive a replacement plaque FOR FREE, or receive a full refund.
Can you refuse to engrave my order?
Yes, we reserve the right to refuse any order and you will receive a 100% refund.